Our Guides

Marian Marbury

Marian Marbury is the founder of Adventures in Good Company and currently lives in Baltimore, MD. Her passion is spending time outdoors and loves sharing this passion with other women. She also loves travel, learning about different cultures, challenging her own assumptions, laughing (especially at herself) and sleeping under the stars. An avid hiker, she was planning to learn whitewater kayaking when she turned 60, but now wonders if it will ever happen.

Debra Huntington

Debra lives in Rhode Island and is the mother of two grown (almost) children. Over the years, she has worked in education and technology but spent most weekends hiking, on the water, or watching her kids play soccer. She is passionate about the outdoors and being on the water and loves sharing it with others. Debra's favorites include hiking, snowshoeing, sailing, kayaking, biking, and fitness. Debra began guiding in 2014 and joined the office in 2015.

Deb Malmon

Deb has been guiding with Adventures in Good Company since it opened in 1999. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband, son, 2 dogs and a cat. When she isn't out guiding a trip or busy with her family, she can be found baking and cooking (sometimes as her paid job and sometimes just for her own enjoyment), swimming, bicycling, playing Ultimate Frisbee and broomball, cross country skiing and hiking/running. She also loves a challenging crossword puzzle and a competitive game of Scrabble.

Anne Flueckiger

Anne lives in Duluth, Minnesota and has guided for AGC since 1999. She was introduced to her favorite outdoor activity, cross-country skiing, while living in Russia after graduate school. Anne enjoys trail running, paddling, biking, and orienteering and is also quite happy to sit around reading a book. In addition to guiding, Anne works as a program evaluation consultant and freelance writer/editor and volunteers with non-profit organizations.

Brenda Porter

Brenda has woven outdoor leadership into her career since 1980, when she began leading backpack trips with the Girl Scouts on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. With a B.S. in biology education, Brenda has worked as a naturalist, outdoor educator, and trip leader for several non-profit organizations and regional park districts. Her current passions are fiber arts, native plants, hatha yoga, and hiking with Bellatrix, an enthusiastic yellow Labrador retriever.

Leigh Saint

Leigh Saint lives in Dahlonega, GA with her husband Josh and “generic brown dog” Maggie. She was formerly a bioanalytical chemist, but hiking the Appalachian Trail cured that! In 2004, she & her husband opened the Hiker Hostel. The Hostel is also their home & they open it to anyone & everyone looking to get away to the mountains (even if you’re not a hiker!). Besides hiking and backpacking, Leigh loves to get on her bike and just ride. She also enjoys crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening and learning ways to be more self sufficient.

Anne Brewer

Anne lives in the Adirondack Park in NY. She is the owner of Placid Waters Kayaking, a company she started to teach people flat water kayaking skills and also lead day trips. She has guided extensively in the Caribbean but loves the cold north country as well. When not guiding or working on the magazine she helped start, Local ADK, she enjoys traveling, paddling, hiking, skiing, biking and spending time with family and friends.

Lisa Franseen

Lisa lives in Colorado as often as possible. Her adventurous nature quickly evolved from climbing trees and building forts to guiding wilderness canoe trips in western Colorado, traveling the world, and facilitating women’s groups in a variety of settings. She loves all things water, hiking, camping, and exploring. When she’s not guiding, Lisa offers individual counseling and ecopsychology retreats, or is off somewhere running trails and mountain biking

Kim Moseley

Kim lives in Charlotte, NC. If there’s such a thing as a calling, she’s found hers in being physically active, in nature, interacting with others and sharing her love of hospitality through guiding. In fact, she takes this calling back to her work off the trail as an integrative heath coach and therapist with her company, Healthy Pathways, which she started in 2009. Other loves include running, reading, healthy cooking and traveling with her husband.

Laurie Priest

Laurie is a former college administrator who lives in Amherst, MA with Anne, her long-time partner and Honey, the Mexican street dog she rescued while kayaking in Mexico. Two of the most popular courses she developed while teaching was hiking and dog sledding which fueled her love of sharing outdoor adventures with others. Her favorite activities include hiking, sea kayaking, snow shoeing, biking, swimming and yoga. She joined AGC in 2013 and loves adventure travel and meeting new people.

Karen Rinker

Karen lives in rural Northern California with her six dogs, two horses, pig and turtle. She found her love of hiking and backpacking at age 16 when she first worked for the Girl Scouts. Her current passion is scuba diving but in the winter she is a high school snowboarding head coach where she feeds her need for speed. Karen has travel in her blood, but gadgets and gizmos on her brain as she owns an electronic device repair franchise. She also loves zumba, weight training, wake boarding, kayaking, cooking and horseback riding.

Stephanie Lingwood

A Seattle, WA native, Stephanie caught the outdoor leadership bug while leading kayaking and sailing trips for a summer camp. Since then, she’s taught boating and downhill skiing to youth and adults, run science education programs for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and has been guiding for AGC since 2007. Now a software engineer, she also loves to help career-changing adults get outside of their comfort zones and learn to code. When not dancing, cooking, or playing outside, she can be found puttering in her garden with her wife and two cats.